The ISDDE Executive - January 2017

The current members of the Executive (as of January 2017) are:

Lynne McClure (Chair) Cambridge Mathematics, UK
Susan McKenney (Former Chair) University of Twente,
Hugh Burkhardt (Founder) University of Nottingham
Christian Schunn (Membership committee chair) University of Pittsburgh
Will Morony (Communications & Promotion Chair) Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers
Daniel Pead, (Secretary) University of Nottingham
Elizabeth Phillips (Prize Committee Chair) Connected Math
Kaye Stacey (Publications Chair, Editor of Educational Designer) University of Melbourne
Suzy Loper (2017 Conference Co-chair) Lawrence Hall of Science
Mac Cannady (2017 Conference Co-chair) Lawrence Hall of Science
Jaqueline Barber Lawrence Hall of Science
Peter Boon Freudenthal Institute,
University of Utrecht
Phil Daro University of California,
Leslie Dietiker Boston University
Angela Hall Freelance
Alan Schoenfeld University of California,
Geoff Wake University of Nottingham
David Webb University of Colorado Boulder

Please see the the ISDDE Constitution for details of the role and appointment of the executive.